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" One Piece "
featuring German Musician ( Elisabeth Szwarc ) & British Poet / Writer ( Rachel Carvosso )

It's still Demo but we have got a Cool video for the song above " One piece "
made by Australian film maker Mr.Lawrence Harwood. Check this out!!!

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" Dark Ambient "
About Ambient music

You can BUY our New Mini Album " Will... " from this link CD baby Check them out !
1. Lake Baikal
2. Winds
3. evoke
4. Little Rain 
5. Like the Burden of a Lullaby

Review from CD baby (Review's reference from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/equator)

by T.C.
This cd is nothing like J-pop, and nothing like the sort of yoga-music that sometimes gets classified as ambient. Every song on this cd is completely original, and no two are alike. I particularly like the guitar line on "Winds" and the asian influenced "Little Rain. " But "Like the Burden of a Lullaby," alone, would make this cd worth owning. Guest vocalist Kyoko Sato's haunting but extremely powerful voice is tempered by the delicate plucked-string melody and by Hideto Sei's windswept vocals. Truly remarkable.
by WeNeed2Know.Com
This is one of those albums you know you can go to to elicit a specific mood in/from your soul. Equator (Hideto Sei , Shogo Uruno , Kyouko Sato and Naoki Ebisawa) understands music. You can tell this when you listen to their unique songs that connect with a vivid continuity that paints a very interesting, melodic picture. Sometimes the picture is epic...sometimes retrospective, but always hard to deny. When you first hear this album you will swear that Equator is a huge, mainstay group right up there with groups you see in cutting-edge videos and hear on the coolest of alternative radio stations. The fact that they aren't mainstream (yet) makes them seem like your own private treasure. We just hope that, when they do get/go mainstream, they continue to produce albums as original, stylish and irresistible as "Will".

The standout track is "Winds"...an extremely catchy song that hits you from all angles. The beautiful arrangement of music styles and the singer's (Hide's) honest, memorable voice make this a classic in your mind even before it takes its inevitable place in your library of all-time favorites.

Equator seems to understand itself very well as a unique group as much as it seems to have an extraordinary understanding of music in general (strong, but not just "Ambient" music). This is somewhat astounding in a debut work...and very refreshing in these days of rehashed, unoriginal and obviously pretentious outings. This group seems to be one that would have a phenomenal career scoring movie soundtracks, but the intelligence of their overall works will make them welcome in media of all kinds.

We thoroughly enjoyed this album!

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Review from IMRadio (Review's reference from http://www.imradio.com/)

by ptrak
great musica...
by J Nelson K
Most impressive body of work . . Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . .
by Jamie Mallender
I don't know what genre this is, I don't know what it sounds like - maybe nothing I've ever heard - and that's why I love it! Great stuff. Jamie Mallender, Solo Recording Artist, Session Player and Bass Player For Former Black Sabbath Singer, Tony Martin
by Louisa
Hey, I'm fine! And you? Thanks for your voice and your peaceful music! love Louisa
by luis david arreola(zurdo)
Great stuff!
by Davies Dawn -- Future Now
Just dropped by to say Hi. Listening to Like the Burden of a Lullaby. Great sound, song and vocals. Very Nice Work. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
by Davies Dawn -- Future Now
Future Now thanks you for your great music; and for being a part of the ever growing creative community of independent musicians who are taking the opportunity, made possible by IMRadio, to reach 52 countries throughout the world.
Ciao from Italy.... nice to meet your fantastic work....keep the good vibes...Peace, Salvo
by freeDave
hi, your song, Little Rain, is a good one! Nice work! peace
by Promoter Barbara Sobel
Sending you lots of love Hide! I promise you I will get you to the United States, and then you can sing Winds for me! It is an honor to be working as your promoter Barbara
by Promoter Barbara Sobel
This band is the real deal. Love their sound.

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Hi guys here is the other gift from Equator. New MP3 " falling and getting back up " by ( Equator featuring David Whitaker American singer )
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Discography :

Mini Album
"will..." released from "CD Baby"
5 songs from this album you can listen & download from above theses links
CD Single
"Lake Baikal" on sales
MD (Mini Disk)
"Lake Baikal" released from ( Music Deli )
Potential of Infinity vol.5
"From these days 99" Released a compilation album from ( LAX )
One piece (part of Equator)
Released an original song "Little Wing" from ( Eddie Struck's CD/Video compilation ) at Sydney Australia

We have got new little Equator Radio Channel at Jango - ( Free Radio Provider )
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