Equator - Ambient Pop Band from This Planet



For the love of music, Hide has been performing for over 20 years an eclectic sound of music. With acoustic guitar in hand or the musical productions of practical producer and composing partner Shogo Uruno, the recording unit, Equator's sound has reached listeners in Australia, New Zealand, America, England and Japan. Equator's music is mixed and inspired by an array of sounds from across the globe. They use influences from such places as Mongolia, Japan, U.S.A., Australia, U.K., Argentina and Africa... and so on.

Hide sees his music as a form of communication. His greatest desire is to communicate with people everywhere, crossing and broadening culture all through the power of music. With one of Equator’s song, Lake Baikal, produced by partner Shogo, Hide says it was inspired by humanity's connection to the earth. It has a message expressing that there is always the story of life, power and death, but remember Mother Earth. You can find this song on Equator's EPWill…and in itunes, where Hide is joined by talented guest musicians and singers and poets such as Shu Kosuge, Naoki, Blue, Ridge,
Elisabeth Szwarc.,Chris Grundy., Alby Gardnerberg., Benjamin Beardsley., Kyoko Sato., David Whitaker., Rachel Carvosso..,
Currentry Equator is working on a compilation album with Musicians from a number of different countries.

We will let you know when it will be launch!!! Don't Miss It!!!

In the words of Hide, " Ciao "